2017-02-10 / Letters

Reader takes offense

To the editor:

I would like to thank Shiva Darbandi for her Feb. 3 letter to the editor that references the front page photos and captions, “Power of Prayer” from a Jan. 27 event at Holy Cross.

I agree with her in that the contributed information was one-sided. The anti-abortion message was loud and clear, citing Roe Vs. Wade’s anniversary as the school’s reason for its Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn. The Sentry seemed to accept this contributed information as if it was as unremarkable as the notice for a bean supper. In reality, abortion is a complicated emotional, sociological, religious, medical and political issue. The majority of Americans support the right to a safe and legal abortion. Without that, women will die in the shameful and dirty back alleys of illegal abortionists. No one likes abortion, but without it, women lose the right to say what happens to their bodies, and desperate women and their health care providers become powerless to do what is right for each individual woman. Sentry, please treat this issue with the importance it deserves and the inherent complexity that it presents to our community.

Lynne Holler South Portland

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