2017-02-24 / Letters

Does letter writer has reading to do?

To the editor:

Many thanks to John Howard for his perfectly executed myopic, anti-American and anti-Constitutional rant against a letter from William Duffy-Dufris, who had the unmitigated gall to speak up as a U.S. citizen (read the Constitution, Mr. Howard) about his worries about President Donald Trump and our council (?). God forbid not adequately protecting our God and Constitutional-given right to clean and clear air and water – Commie activist. Oops, no, wait, the Commie activists are swimming in the “swamp” as I type.

Scrape the surface of folks who will take the type of position Mr. Howard takes and you will frequently find a person who worships the almighty dollar, and cherrypicks our Constitution for what he likes. You can have your Second Amendment rights, Mr. Howard, but read the First Amendment first. It’s the one that our Founding Fathers knew would best differentiate us from other countries and create a Democracy that has thrived for 240 years as an open-armed, compassionate and strong one, at least until November 2016, and hopefully it still does and will.

While you’re at it, why don’t you take a peek at our Bill Of Rights.

Ralph Zieff South Portland

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