2017-03-03 / Letters

Council is doing right thing

To the editor:

Thank you South Portland City Council for your continued support of the Clear Skies Ordinance. For me, it is deeply troubling that Portland Pipeline decided to sue the city. The majority of residents support this ordinance. We want to preserve the best of what our city offers. We don’t want our health to be compromised by toxins emitted from towering smokestacks. We also want to be able to continue to enjoy our city park, Bug Light, without worry that we will be exposed to toxins.

As a resident of South Portland for almost 30 years, I have always been thankful for our city’s environment. Part of the reason that I chose to raise my family here was based on the environment: clean air, healthy and good-tasting water. South Portland also offers a wonderful location. Many times our family has brought snacks to Bug Light and enjoyed the coolness of a sea breeze during a summer’s night or a walk along the promenade, where we often run into community members we know.

I can’t help but think what else, besides clean air, might be lost if we fail to sustain the Clear Skies Ordinance. No one wants to live in a toxic environment. Property values will be affected. For many of us, our major financial investment is our home. How would our lives change if the value of our homes greatly diminishes? Thanks to the support of our residents, South Portland has recently undertaken major rebuilding of it schools. This is a wise investment in the future of the city. Might this investment be affected? Might younger couples hoping to raise families be steered away from choosing South Portland due to questions surrounding an unsure environment?

Both for the current times and for the future, I urge you, the members of the South Portland City Council, to remain committed to protecting its residents’ right to a healthy place to live. I understand the cost is not easy to swallow but the alternative is very unsettling. So thank you again for setting an example in courage and know that the support of much of our community is behind you.

Lucy Breslin South Portland

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