2017-03-17 / Letters

Reader wants to clear the air

To the editor:

In response to Mr. William Duffy-Dufris and Mr. Ralph Zeiff on their recent, inaccurate harangue against John Howard in this paper, let me please state a few things clearly.

First, the pair only reaffirmed one of John’s main driving points – which was that it is people like them that give too far left liberals a bad name in South Portland or anywhere else. Just because one might not like something (tar sands or fossil fuels), or mandate driving an issue at all cost like the ongoing slander of Portland Pipe Line, gives us no right to subvert and disregard due process, fairness, mediation, the rule of law and a public vote.

Second, your personal portrayal of John and others who disagree with your implied “any means to justify a super progressive end” is grossly off base. John is even more left of center than myself though you would like to define any dissenters that will not card carry the Cloudy Skies agenda as oily, money hungry Trumpers. Sorry we don’t fit your attack mold. Even your beloved current or termed out mayor, whom led the assault on decency, hijacking a democratic vote and dividing us all in a stupid, totally unnecessary and costly law suit with repercussions for decades, could not deny the four star character or positive political positions of people like John.

So lastly, with due credit reference to the late great Lloyd Bentsen, a Texas Democrat, “I know John Howard, I have served with John Howard, John Howard is a friend of mine, (one piled high with integrity, reason, and intellect) and you sirs, are no John Howard. Not even close. And you know what, nor am I.”

Don Russell South Portland

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