2017-03-17 / Letters

Standing up for others is importlant

To the editor:

Why is everything in this world unfair? This is the question that is passing through the mind of humans all of the time whether they like it or not. In some humans this happens more than others. Why is this?

The expression we are talking about is called The Golden Rule. It doesn’t matter where you are from or what your religion is or the color of your skin. It’s called The Golden Rule because it ensures success. Well, now think about how that adapts to your life? We see the day by day world is getting cruel, like Lou Gehrig’s disease, a disease that targets your nerve cells that move muscles when we speak, walk and move our body, and leaves your body like a pile of wax. I think our world is infected with the same diseases that we see in the news. Many innocent people are killed, especially children. Do people infected with the temerity diseases or hate overcome on love. Why is this?

It’s because when everything is going well in your life and you have no worries, you never think about people in your community, your country or even your neighbor. Then when you have difficulties in your life, you start complaining.

Someone may respect human rights and say I never did anything wrong and I always respected people and did my best, but that’s not enough. If you expect people to defend your rights in an unjust world, you need to stand up for their rights too.

Obaid Sidiqi Afghanistan

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