2017-03-17 / Letters

Work together to curb smoking

To the editor:

What happens to your

body when you smoke? It has been proved that there is nothing healthy about smoking. Smoking is a serious illness that affects the smoker and those around him. Smoking destroys the lungs and reduces the amount of oxygen in your body’s cells and causes many other bad health effects such as cancer, pneumonia and early death.

We need more education about how smoking is dangerous. Experts and cancer survivors should do meetings in school and use social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to share information. Cancer survivors can be invited to schools to talk to children about how bad smoking is. Also, the government can do many more things to stop people from smoking. For example, tobacco can be taxed more.

If we all stand for not smoking and educate young people about the dangers of smoking, everyone’s health will improve. This is too important for society to ignore.

Amwag Khaleel Iraq

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