2017-03-24 / Letters

South Portland is fishing for a new lawsuit

To the editor:

I am writing to address the proposed “Consumer Protections for Renters in South Portland.”

South Portland does not have land barons who own all of the rental property in town. Most landlords own one or two properties. We set our rents according to our own costs: mortgages, property taxes, insurance, maintenance and repairs. We are not setting rents with a view to getting rich off tenants.

The proposed regulations should be done away with immediately.

Forcing property owners to register our properties and rental units with the city so the city government can keep track of our properties is basically removing our rights as American property owners.

While we retain the costs involved, I don’t see this allowed for in the U.S. or Maine Constitutions or the city charter. Forcing us to pay a fee for the “privilege” of registering our properties is an appalling idea.

You would be forcing us to report energy usage and bills. This seems to be something that is a goal for the city council to force upon all of us in South Portland. Why? It’s none of your business unless our properties, single family or multi family, are being repossessed by the city for non-payment of taxes.

The city cannot force us to enter into government contracts either.

That is what would be happening if the city forces us to accept Section 8 tenants. Not only is that questionable legally, it would bring the extra costs of required yearly inspections and extra paperwork. Being forced to rent to people without necessarily good credit. The wording of this property rights removal ordinance also invites lawsuits against landlords with its language.

Do you want rents to go down in South Portland? Stop spending. Stop taxing “only 2 percent” more every single year. Stop trying to control everything and everyone and how we all live our lives.

We don’t all subscribe to your life philosophies. Stop trying to ram yours down our throats and into our wallets.

If you pass this travesty and invasion into freedom and private property ownership rights, how would you even enforce it? You would only be bringing yet another lawsuit against the city of South Portland.

Kandi-Lee Hoy South Portland

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