2017-03-31 / Letters

Council should do something

To the editor:

“It is maddening and exhausting to see that the South Portland City Council (with the exception of some councilors) again shrugged its responsibilities, and took another pass at addressing rental reasonableness in South Portland now.

Instead of taking clear, sensible and decisive action at or following its March 13 council meeting on the subject, the response of the South Portland City Council was simply to recreate some kind of housing ad hoc committee “in the coming weeks.”

As the Sentry reported, it was seven months ago that an ad hoc affordable housing committee presented a report to the South Portland City Council. This affordable housing committee operated for months prior to its report.

This rental reasonableness committee probably would not even have been formed in the first place without the incredible work of Chris Kessler, founder of South Portland Tenants Association.

How long is it going to be before the South Portland City Council takes real action on rental reasonableness in the city?

Time is running out – or has already run out – for many South Portland residents who desperately need rental reasonableness.

I simply do not understand why, when there is widespread acknowledgement of a deep, severe rental housing problem in South Portland, the South Portland City Council waits and waits.

What’s the point of having government when it does not adequately respond to the pressing matters of the day?

Rick Foss-Lacey South Portland

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