2017-04-14 / Letters

Don’t ignore the environment

To the editor:

Seeing a surge in letters in support of the oil pipeline lawsuit and the sentiment that the fossil fuel industries be allowed to do business as usual, please ask yourself if you want to backtrack and ignore smog and pollution in our community.

A conundrum exists between clean and safe vs. dirty and hazardous. Why must a trade off to industry always have to be made instead of a trade-into regeneration of this area into healthier types of businesses. Businesses meant to attract tourism.

Since the oil and pipeline people repeatedly stated that they did not intend to bring tar sands through South Portland, then the questions all become moot and absurd. But the reality was that the city gave permission for this permit in 2009 and that permit included some level of refining product prior to loading onto ships bound primarily for Asia.

If there ever was a time when the residents here should refocus our efforts with dedication toward a further cleanup of the community, making moves toward clearer skies and cleaner water – that time is now. The two models are dirty industry leading to deteriorating the air and water quality, or rejuvenating the community with a focus on clean business and tourism.

Look out your window right now. Do you have children and grandchildren. Take a deep breath and then decide which side of this argument you want to support. There’s no choice there in my opinion.

Ellen Fraser South Portland

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