2017-04-28 / Letters

Keep reporting noise

To the editor:

The staff at Portland International Jetport, along with members of the Jetport’s Noise Advisory Committee, have been working diligently for many years to reduce the impact of aircraft noise on the residents of South Portland.

That work has resulted in several operational changes that have benefited South Portland:

 The harbor visual approach, which allows pilots to follow the Fore River and avoid flying over denselypopulated areas

 The radio navigation departure, which also follows the Fore River but can be used at night and in inclement weather

 Noise-preferred arrivals and departures, which direct aircraft to depart to the west or arrive from the west (weather permitting), thus focusing noise over commercial/ industrial areas instead of residential areas

 Improved reporting and tracking procedures that allow Jetport staff and noise committee members to spot trends related to aircraft noise complaints.

Compared to 10 years ago, the noise impact on South Portland neighborhoods is drastically reduced, thanks in large part to these changes and improvements.

Unfortunately we can never completely eliminate aircraft noise in South Portland. If you live within 5 miles of the airport, you’re in the flight path.

The good news is that progress continues to result in noise reduction. The Jetport is serving more passengers with fewer aircraft – that means fewer takeoffs and landings, and less noise.

Airlines are also contributing to noise reduction by phasing out their oldest aircraft and adding new aircraft that are more efficient and less noisy. Over the next few years, South Portland residents should notice a marked improvement as the loud and smoky McDonnell Douglas MD-80 series is retired and replaced by the highly advanced C-Series from Bombardier.

In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact the Noise Advisory Committee if you have questions or concerns. Your noise reports are valuable to the committee and to the Jetport staff because they give us a better understanding of what’s happening on the ground. Noise reports may be submitted online at portlandjetport.org/ noise or by calling 756-TELL.

Adrian Dowling South Portland

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