2017-06-09 / Community

English Language Learners Program

Dianne Paton, Assistant Director Instructional Support

This year, Memorial Middle School participated the 9th Annual Multicultural Festival. Multicultural Week is a week of building recognition and appreciation for the benefits of our global community and the power of understanding differences through art, music, film, tradition, and culture . On the morning of Wednesday, May 10th, students and staff participated the 9th Annual Multicultural Festival. Students practiced the Brazilian martial art of Capoeira, made salsa, used chopsticks, danced the salsa and Haka, drummed in an African drumming circle, danced to and played Marimba, listened to classmates’ and community members’ multimedia presentations about personal heritage, and experienced henna, among other activities. The morning was capped off with a flag ceremony of all flags of countries represented at Memorial MIddle School. The grand finale was the exhilarating performance by Batimbo United. Students and staff were totally engrossed by the dancing, music, costumes, and overall grandeur of the talented Burundi performers. At Memorial Middle School, students and staff are continually learning about each others’ heritage and about understanding differences. During Multicultural Week, the learning peaks as we celebrate embracing diversity and being a part of the global community. We were fortunate to have so many participants from the community share their knowledge and passion with our students. Thank you to all of our presenters including Lynn Kabche and Catherine Menyhart of CIEE, New Zealand Consular Simon Leeming and Leo Lafailil, Capoeira teacher Joao Bordallo, Salsa dance teacher Wendy Edwards, Calligraphy teacher Maggie McNiece, African Drumming instructor Annegret Baier, Jacob Wolff of the Maine Marimba Ensemble, and Batimbo United’s Nahimana Aime-Emmanuel.

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