2017-06-09 / Community

InfoTech Department

(Libraries and Technology)

Andrew Wallace Director of Technology

The purposeful use of technology is thriving throughout the South Portland Schools are every level: elementary, middle and high. We have seen a rapid expansion of MakerSpaces, coding and robotics activities in our schools, and the formation of a number of elementary student tech teams. This year’s biggest initiative was determining the viability of Chromebooks as 1:1 Classroom devices in our elementary schools, and all signs point to a resoundingly successful pilot for the five 4th grade classrooms that participated. Next year we plan to bring Chromebooks to every 4th and 5th grade classroom with a continued focus on writing and research. South Portland students are reading more than ever, with over 76,000 books circulated this year, but it’s not just physical materials our students are checking out. Students accessed an additional 37,000 digital resources through various online subscriptions we provide. Our librarians are also actively curating resource guides for teachers and students of all levels. Please explore our online resources as we build out our Virtual Library Commons: http://libguides.spsd.org/learning commons. We are well into our fifteenth year providing students at the middle school with access to their own device for anywhere, anytime learning, and hope to continue this program at the high school with the purchase of new iPads. Behind the scenes we continue to upgrade infrastructure to support all of our initiatives and the increasing demand for online media and content.

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