2017-06-09 / Community

Kaler Elementary School

Bonnie Hicks, Principal

It is hard to imagine that the James Otis Kaler Elementary School has completed its three year School Improvement Grant. We have made a lot of headway in making sure wee are meeting the academic, social-emotional, and behavioral needs of these young learners. As many of you may recall, Kaler students have been going to school one hour longer than the other schools, launched a new reading curriculum, developed  an intervention system (RTI), employed a data and math coach, and utilized four education technicians to assist with intervention and after school tutoring. Next year, Kaler will be having a regular school day (approximately 9:05 - 3:05); however, we will continue to have access to the math coach and data coach positions (to be shared in the district) as well as education technicians. We are very pleased with these additional supports because it allows us to continue to improve our teaching and provide students with individual support as needed. Kaler families continue to stay well connected with the school. Our family nights are hugely attended and we are proud of our near 100% attendance during conferences! Attendance remains strong with our daily attendance rate averaging 96.63 %. Lastly, Kaler’s PTA is small, but MIGHTY. They have provided so many wonderful field trips and enrichment activities throughout the school year as well as our beloved Popcorn Fridays. Kaler thrives best when YOU are an active member of our school community!

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