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Letter to the Community

Dear Community Members,

On June 13th South Portland residents will be asked to vote on the School Department’s FY18 Budget. We encourage you to review components of our proposed budget prior to the Budget Validation Referendum scheduled for Tuesday, June 13th at the South Portland Community Center. Information is listed here in the Sentry with more complete information to be found at: http://budget. spsd.org/.

In addition to the highlights from each of our schools, the enclosed school budget continues our focus toward improving achievement for our almost 3100 students. In developing this budget the Board of Education remained committed to their vision for South Portland Schools:

All South Portland learners exhibit a wonder and excitement for learning. They are inspired to explore their interests and build the knowledge and skills that will

give them a successful path to their future.

• We ensure that all learners meet or exceed rigorous content standards while developing the skills and habits of mind necessary for future success.

• Our methods of instruction inspire and

challenge learners to grow and prepare themselves for a lifetime of educational, career and personal fulfillment.

• Every staff member demonstrates a commitment to creating a fulfilling school experience for all learners.

• The schools and community share a responsibility for creating and maintaining a rich and expansive environment for student learning.

Highlights to the proposed FY18 School budget include:

  • State subsidy is projected at $5,972,690, a decrease of over $300,000 from FY 17
  •  Contracted salary and benefit increases of approximately $1,000,000 from FY 17 to FY 18
  • Savings from position reductions and retirements are approximately equal to additional expense for staffing changes
  • Capital Improvement Projects totaling $1,016,417 for facilities, transportation and technology funded through CIP project funds and Reserve Accounts Local budget operating expenses resulting in a 3.48% increased need from taxes were approved by the City Council

The South Portland School Department prides itself on the quality of its schools and our long-standing relationship with the South Portland community. We are committed to providing quality education and facility stewardship through a socially responsible budget. The budget approved by the Board of Education and the City Council is responsive to the needs of students and the citizens of South Portland.

Sincerely, Kenneth Kunin, Superintendent of Schools

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