2017-06-09 / Community

South Portland High School

Ryan Caron, Principal

Kimberlee Bennett, Assistant Principal

Jason Tarr, Assistant Principal

It has been another very exciting year at South Portland High School. Providing excellent educational experiences for our students remains the priority of the South Portland High School staff and by continuing to focus on Rigor, Relevance and Relationships in our action planning, improvement initiatives, and most importantly in our classrooms, we are able to provide the consistency that we know is necessary for students to succeed. I continue to be impressed by the caring professionalism displayed by the South Portland High School staff each day. The optimism and support demonstrated by students, parents, and community members throughout the school year illustrates the pride that our community has in South Portland High School.

Staff members continue to develop rigorous and attainable proficiency targets and lessons that will help to focus instruction and enhance the learning that takes place at SPHS. We are in the second year of our high school transition into a proficiency based learning (PbL) system. Students in Grades 9 and 10 received the majority of their instruction in the PbL system. We look forward to moving the proficiency system into additional Grade 11 classes next year, and into Grade 12 in 2018/2019. The opportunity to take rigorous courses is paying dividends as we continue to increase the number of South Portland students that take advanced placement (AP) courses each year, while continuing to perform at a high level on the exams. Five members of our graduating class were recognized by the National Merit Scholarship Program, which set the bar for public high schools in Maine for 2017. We are dedicated to continuing the strong academic tradition in South Portland.

Teachers are developing new and exciting opportunities for students to demonstrate proficiency, making the learning more relevant to students. We continue to search for opportunities for students to meet high school proficiency targets while making connections with businesses and organizations in South Portland and the Greater Portland area. These experiences will serve to strengthen our relationship with the greater South Portland Community. This spring our annual Career Fair put our students in touch with representatives from over sixty local businesses, and we hosted a Financial Wellness Fair for our seniors that provided tools for navigating their finances after graduation. The expansion of our internship program and plans to propose a cooperative education program in the future demonstrate that our efforts are being successful.

The relationships between members of the South Portland High School learning community continue to be at the core of all that we do. We understand that when we take time to know our students, we are better able to provide learning and extracurricular opportunities that are suited for the diverse group of students that attend SPHS. We celebrate strong relationships during our annual Diversity Week where hundreds of students participated in workshops, discussions, and presentations promoting healthy dialog and communication among staff and students. This year students and staff collaborated extend these type of discussions and hold a Sustainability Week.

As I prepare to award diplomas our seniors, the group of students that were freshmen in my first year at SPHS, I am both amazed at how far we have come, through building projects, the move to proficiency, and breaking in a new principal, and excited about what the future will bring for South Portland High School. The residents of South Portland should be very proud of the wonderful opportunities that they provide for our students. I speak for the staff and students of SPHS when I say thank you.

Ryan G. Caron Principal South Portland High School

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