2017-07-14 / Letters

Give construction a rest

To the editor:

Residents of the 700 block of Main Street in South Portland and vicinity are fed up with the road construction disrupting their sleep and their lives.

Five nights a week Grondin works all night, sometimes almost right in the front yard with heavy equipment and bright lights. There is no sleep. During the day the usual heavy truck traffic on the road is made worse as trucks slam and bam over the extremely rough roads hastily patched from the night before. Sewage has backed up in basements and residents are at their wits end.

Grondin needs to use steel plates instead of fill to lessen the traffic noise during the day so residents can get some rest. If they won’t cooperate then the Maine Department of Transportation needs to step in so residents can get some rest at least during the day. Thank you.

Don Kimball South Portland

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