2017-07-21 / Community

Cancer center to merge with Dempsey group

Cancer Community Center Executive Director Nicole Avery announced that the boards of directors of Cancer Community Center and Lewiston’s Dempsey Center have unanimously agreed to move forward with discussions to develop a merger agreement under the Dempsey Center name. Though the merger remains subject to ongoing due diligence, the negotiation of a merger agreement, and final approval of the boards of both organizations, officials expect it to be finalized by early 2018.

“Both the Cancer Community Center and the Dempsey Center share the mission of improving the quality of life for people impacted by cancer,” Avery said in a press release dated July 17. “As the number of Mainers with cancer continues to grow, it makes sense for us to join forces in order to provide services to more people. This is an exciting next step for both organizations.”

“Our communities, clients, health care providers, and other stakeholders will see little impact during the transition towards our intended merger,” she added. “As we work through the transition details, our current staff teams will remain in place in both locations.”

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