2017-07-21 / Community

Women invited to ‘Magnificat’ meeting on Sept. 9

All Catholic women as well as women who have lost touch with the church are invited to gather for a celebration of faith and community in Portland on Saturday, Sept. 9.

Magnificat is an international ministry for Catholic women with more than 90 chapters worldwide. It aims to help Catholic women become more committed to Jesus by fostering a desire to grow in holiness. The Scarborough chapter of Magnificat will host its Inaugural Catholic Women’s Prayer Breakfast from 9 a.m. to noon at the Fireside Inn & Suites on 81 Riverside St. in Portland. The Scarborough chapter, the first in Maine, became an official chapter in November 2016.

The main expression of Magnificat ministry is the Magnificat meal, which will be hosted three or four times a year in a relaxed social setting. By sharing a meal together with other women in the diocese, women are provided an opportunity to pray, sing and grow together in faith. The highlight of the prayer breakfast is the testimony of an individual sharing her own ‘Magnificat’ by telling her story about how God has touched her life in a profound way.

The keynote speaker at the breakfast will be awardwinning author Katherine Valentine. Her newest book, “Why I Believe in Miracles,” describes her personal faith journey. Her journey includes a life-threatening illness, the death of a granddaughter, and the loss of her home and savings.

Tickets for the breakfast are $22 per person. To fill out the registration form, visit: www.portlanddiocese.org/ sites/default/files/files/PrayerBreakfastForm.pdf.

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