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Letters to the Editor

Public voices support for city council candidates

To the editor:

I would like to begin this letter to the editor with a ringing endorsement for Kate Lewis, who is running for City Council (District 2). I have met Kate, and find her to be bright, passionate, and well-informed. Both as a mother and a resident of South Portland, she wants nothing more than to ensure everyone has a safe and clean city in which to work and play. Commendable!

Unfortunately, her contender, Mr. Breen, is not nearly as well-inmormed, and has dusted off an old erroneous claim regarding the Clear Skies Ordinance. Like the deep-pocketed American Petroleum Industry and the Portland Pipeline (owned by Mobil-Exxon), he is spreading the falsehood that South Portland voted for tar sands, by voting down the Waterfront Protection Ordinance (WPO). He then spins the oil industry’s lie that the city council went against the will of the people by passing the Clear Skies Ordinance.

Anyone who has followed this debate, and has actually delved into uncovering the machinations of those who seek to turn South Portland into a polluted company town, knows that the WPO’s attempt to keep our city’s coastline safe was twisted by the lies propagated by the oil industry. The biggest lie was that the WPO would infringe on all waterfront businesses and their right to enlarge and/ or make changes.

This was underscored by Portland Pipeline’s assertion that they had no intention or plans to reverse the pipeline and bring in tar sands. (A few weeks ago, PPL admitted in court that their letter to the city, making this claim, was a lie. A lie!)

So, the city’s citizens voted down the WPO, not because they wanted tar sands, but because they wanted to keep the waterfront businesses safe - after falling for a campaign that spent over three quarters of a million dollars in misleading and fallacious ads. The city council, in its wisdom

(except for the backward Mr Pock), sought to mend the division by drafting the Clear Skies Ordinance, a piece of legislation guaranteeing the health and safety of the city’s residents.

The resulting suit by our “good neighbor”, Portland Pipeline, has necessitated the expenditure of a large amount of money. But, when South Portland wins this case, that money will return!

And even if it doesn’t, how can anyone put a price tag on the health and well-being of our city’s families? I can’t... and won’t.

That’s why I’m voting for Kate Lewis!

William Duffy-Dufris South Portland

To the editor:

The November election for city council in South Portland is fast approaching. Although the two of the three seats in play this year appear at this moment to be unopposed, there is one in District 2 contested by two worthy candidates. However, it seems to me that Kate Lewis offers the best choice for the seat. She is experienced in public affairs, has already demonstrated that voters like her as a candidate (coming in a very close third in last year’s election for the two open seats) and clearly invested in the welfare of the city of South Portland. South Portland citizens will do well to elect her on Nov. 7.

Mary-Jane Ferrier South Portland

To the editor:

It has been my privilege to work with Kate and the South Portland Land Trust over the last few years as we made plans to conserve Sawyer Park for the community. Kate worked with my congregation and City staff closely and very effectively and she was able to bring lots of people together to protect and improve the park. She works hard to understand the entirety of a project before figuring out a solution that will satisfy all parties. This kind of community leadership is all too rare and is notable for someone of her age who has not yet held public office. As a city councilor, she will be a great advocate for the entire community and a great addition to the council.

Sharon Newman South Portland

To the editor:

Not to worry that the District 5 South Portland Council seat is uncontested. I believe that Adrian Dowling, the only person running for that seat, will be an outstanding member of the council.

He will represent this district well when considering the many citywide issues the new council will face.

Not only do I currently serve on the planning board with Adrian but I have know him for years. I had the personal experience of working with him as the city initiated improvements in the western side of the city. Adrian was tireless in his desire to bring recognition to this area and to the residents who live in the neighborhood. Adrian has also worked on other citywide issues and you should know he will work hard to make the best decision for each of us.

Please vote for Adrian on Nov. 7 and feel confident that you are electing a new councilor that is hard-working, fair, and willing to listen to your concerns.

Linda Boudreau South Portland

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