2017-10-27 / Letters

Candidate has what it takes

To the editor:

As a South Portland mom and active member of the community, I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Kate Lewis over the last three years, and I wholeheartedly support her run for City Council District 2.

Kate and I are members of the Ad Hoc Committee for Open Space in South Portland, and I’ve come to rely on her not only for her experience with the South Portland Land Trust, but as an all around intelligent and kind human being.

Kate is the kind of person whose brain you can see working. She is thoughtful and deliberate, and not someone that you’d expect to jump to any conclusion before having all of the information. We have a lot of issues coming to pass in South Portland – not the least of which is a potential reversal of the pipeline that runs through our city – and I want thoughtful leadership at the helm.

As a parent, I also know that Kate is looking out for the next generation, since she is helping to raise that generation as well. Knowing that her heart and mind are focused on the issues that matter to parents – and the future that our children will inherit – is also why I’ll be voting for Kate in November.

But something she recently said to me is what really sealed the deal for me. Kate was sharing with me how she had been walking through neighborhoods, talking to constituents about the issues that matter most to them, and that she had been given some advice to stick to “blue” neighborhoods, to increase the votes from that demographic. We marveled about how little sense that made, how that leads only to remaining in an echo chamber, and how important it is to listen and talk to people with all points of view. We need more of that today than ever.

See? She’s smart. I’ll be voting for Kate Lewis this November.

Megan Sheehan South Portland

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