2017-10-27 / Letters

Candidate respects different opinions

To the editor:

South Portland City Council candidate Adrian Dowling is currently serving as a volunteer in our city and has for many years. I serve on the Arts and Historic Preservation Committee with Adrian and find him to be thorough in his research and communication. He takes his responsibilities very seriously, is always well prepared for each meeting and he brings enthusiasm to his work. Adrian also brings a kindness and respect for differing opinions, which is so important in governance. He is a wealth of knowledge on a variety of city affairs that stretch far beyond the committee work we do together. It is this perspective that makes his contribution to our city so valuable. I served for seven years on the board of education and it is from this experience that I can tell you that Adrian will make an effective counselor and leader for our city. South Portland, like so many municipalities, faces a number of challenges, which require a vision to move our city forward. I am confident Adrian will do this without forgetting the richness of our heritage or the values our community holds dear. Please cast your vote for Adrian for District 5 on Nov. 7.

Doreen T. Gay South Portland

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