2017-10-27 / Letters

Readers draws comparison between Trump and Hitler

To the editor:

Donald Trump continues to dance on the graves of the institutions and traditions of our once proud democracy that he is running through his swamp and defiling every day. He is a liar and a cheat who prays upon the vulnerable and disenfranchised, and everything he does is always for his own gain. He possesses no compassion, no self-reflection, no true empathy for anyone except himself and his family, including Ivanka and Jared and the Junior, who lie about their behaviors and consider themselves our royal family. They are, in fact, trash. Trash like the carnage left in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands by the hurricanes Trump likes to joke about, and trash like the now shredded health care bills that were flimflam personified, offered by Trump, like his tax reforms, as salvation for the middle class, when it is really just another bamboozling of the American people.

His supporters say he is president and deserves our respect, and yet he disrespects the proud traditions of that office every time he opens his greedy, needy mouth. Mental health experts have jointly written a book about the man’s brand of insanity, “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump,” in which they document and explain how mentally deranged he is and how dangerous he is to the survival of the human race. It is their attempt to put out a dire warning to Americans before it is too late for all of us. If you look at German literature in the years leading up to World War ll, it tried to warn the German people about the dangers of Adolph Hitler and the Nazi Party. You will see the startling similarities. Please check it out.

We know Germany never woke up until its country, as well as so many others, was essentially destroyed, and millions of lives lost. The Nazi propaganda machine convinced most Germans that all who wrote against them were liars, spreading, yes, “fake news.” Too many Americans have already begun trusting the Trump/Pence/Hannity propaganda machine, and no longer trust our still free press. When we start believing the liars we are indeed in deep trouble, and with today’s nuclear weaponry, the survival of the entire world is at stake.

America, our beloved America, wake up before all is lost.

Ralph Zieff South Portland

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