2017-11-03 / Letters

Incumbent works hard for kids

To the editor:

I am writing to urge voters to re-elect Mary House to the South Portland Board of Education. During my years serving on the board with Mary, I appreciated her intellect and ability to understand and work through difficult decisions (think of the upcoming middle school question), her willingness to work with others to achieve a positive outcome (think of the budget), but what I most appreciate and respect is that all of Mary’s decisions are based on the best interest of the students of South Portland.

Being a school board member is challenging. You have to balance educational issues with fiscal issues with building maintenance issues with the ever changing unforeseen issues and never forget that your primary focus is on the students. Mary House has proven her ability to successfully meet that challenge. We need to keep her thoughtful, steady leadership for the South Portland schools.

Please join me in voting for Mary House for the South Portland Board of Education.

Rick Carter South Portland

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