2017-11-03 / Letters

Look at facts

To the editor:

So those who don’t like President Donald Trump have resorted to name-calling and hyperbole, with the terms liar, cheat, no compassion, no self-reflection, no true empathy, trash, flim-flam, bamboozling, greedy, needy mouth, mentally deranged, and dangerous to the survival of the human race (“Reader Draws Comparison Between Trump And Hitler,” Oct. 27). Does anyone over the age of 10 take this sort of writing seriously?

In the past nine months, President Trump has restored respect among our allies and fear among our enemies. He has brought hundreds of thousands of jobs back home from overseas. Tens of thousands of people are off welfare and back to work, with record low unemployment. The Dow Jones Industrial Average hits a new high almost daily. Trump has far more respect for, and respect from our military personnel and veterans than our most recent former president.

President Barack Obama doubled our national debt from $10 trillion to $20 trillion in his eight years in office. President Trump is bringing down our budget and trade deficits. He has nearly closed our borders to terrorists and drug traffickers. He has ISIS on the run. Do you want more? Wait a few months.

If those who can’t stand the fact that Trump beat Hillary Clinton also can’t stand to see their 401K and IRA double in Trump’s first term, they can vote for someone else in three years and give the added money to charity.

Allan Neff South Portland

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