2017-11-10 / Letters

Let’s keep city happy and healthy

To the editor:

South Portland is doing great things. Our city has invested in having a sustainability coordinator and is creating a Climate Action and Adaptation Plan to work toward carbon reductions of 80 percent by 2050. This is exciting because it will improve the air quality of our city, save the city money in the future and do our part toward reducing global warming.

South Portland is coordinating with Portland to accomplish ambitious goals including the recent completion of two large solar farms. While the city is working with the community to reduce greenhouse gases, it is important that we all continue to support our city council in fighting tar sands oil from moving through our city. It is vital to remember that exporting tar sands from South Portland entails building two 70-foot smoke stacks to burn off the chemicals that are added to the gummy tar sands to allow it to flow through pipes. These unsightly smoke stacks would be built adjacent to our beautiful Bug Light Park.

The chemicals which must be burned off before the oil can be loaded on to tankers create toxic fumes containing benzene and other carcinogenic materials. If we want to stay a healthy community, where people want to live and that attracts new businesses, we as citizens must actively support our city council to continue the fight to preserve our air quality. This is especially important at a time when we are investing in and actively pursuing ways of further cleaning our air through reductions in carbon emissions.

Abby Huntoon South Portland

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