2017-11-17 / Letters

Letters continue on subject of President Trump

To the editor:

I wish to thank reader Allan Neff for his courage to write publicly about what he believes (“Look at facts,” Nov. 3), as I did the week before, and hopefully his willingness to debate truth and reality.

As far as speaking your truth, simply spilling out Sean Hannity’s and Fox’s fake news isn’t going to cut it with me. You should try stretching your horizons a little and watch at least one different station (almost any other station) to start letting a little honest sunlight creep into the very dark Trump/Bannon anti-democracy “Nationalist” propaganda machine. But maybe you prefer your news concisely false, and in that case, Fox will dish it out daily. Why not at least try the BBC to see what European countries are really saying about the U.S. Most of the rest of the world sees Trump as an unstable danger in need of some serious help, if you catch my drift. As for my Hitler comparison, you might try reading before speaking. You will find very creepy parallels in descriptions of the Third Reich’s rise to power. And whatever you don’t like about Putin? Just wait.

I will briefly address your complaint about my namecalling, which I agree isn’t at all nice. It isn’t nice, but I think your complaint is absolutely sheer hypocrisy. I will continue to heap flaming insults on a man who pretends to be a president who: makes fun of political opponents with tasteless and childish nicknames; makes fun of people with disabilities, e.g. Parkinson’s disease; and ridicules John McCain, a man who has served our country magnificently in more than one way. He is not a loser, as Trump says. Donald Trump, the wealthy draft-dodger is the loser.

Has shown bigotry toward Muslims, African Americans, women (I will not go into details here), gay men and women, transsexuals, Mexicans, immigrants, Puerto Ricans. Allan, the list goes on and on. Please don’t try the “fake news of the Liberal main-stream media” argument. Everything I’m saying here is based not on news reports, but on Trump’s own words and tweets. And, some of his so-called business ventures are pure scams (Trump University). And no tax returns?

Ralph Zieff South Portland

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