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Great Person Award noms begin

It’s time for the Sentry’s Great Person Award nominations.

Each year we ask our readers to tell us who has influenced their lives. There are no special qualifications for the Great Person Award – it’s simply to honor those who make this community a special place to live.

Your Great Person may be the person who hands you your morning coffee daily with a smile on her face. It may be the volunteer who works tirelessly for an area nonprofit. It may be a teacher who spends that extra moment helping you, or a police officer who coaches your child’s basketball team. The award is meant to be a thank you for all they do during the year.

The winner will be interviewed for a newspaper story.

A fifth-grade student at Small School is the first to nominate someone for this year’s Great Person Award.

Reuben Saffer-Meng has nominated bus driver Philip Terrano.

“Phil is many students’ bus driver, but he is more than just that. Every day, he passes out Lifesavers to the students, and although some think it is to reward us for our behavior, Phil says it is just a random act of kindness. Sometimes to liven up the bus ride a bit more, he does “Phil Airlines” in which he pretends that the bus is an airplane, an act all of the students enjoy greatly. He makes realistic remarks such as ‘there may be slight turbulence’ when the road is bumpy, and when we reach the destination he ‘hopes we enjoyed our flight.’

As well as Phil Airlines, every once in awhile, when we have extra time after we get to our destination, he blasts classic rock or disco music and as he sings along to the songs, all of the students have a dance party. These are just a few examples of how Phil brightens our days and deserves the Great Person Award.”

There are two steps in the Great Person Award process – nominations and then voting.

Nominations will be accepted through noon, Friday, Dec. 8. A ballot of everyone nominated will be printed in the Dec. 15 edition.

Voting will end at noon, Wednesday, Dec. 27, and the winner will be announced in the next edition.

How can you nominate a Great Person? It’s simple:

 You may nominate a person by mailing an explanation to Mainely Media LLC, 457 Alfred St., Biddeford, ME 04005. We need to know the address and phone number of each nominee and we need to know your contact information in case we have questions (this information will not be printed). Feel free to attach a longer explanation about why you nominated a Great Person.

 You may nominate a person electronically by emailing it to editor@inthesentry.com or faxing it to 282-4339.

 We also are happy to accept nominations dropped off at our office, 457 Alfred St. in Biddeford.

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