2017-12-15 / Letters

Resident copies newspaper on letter to senator

To the editor: (As sent to Sen. Susan Collins)

Sen. Collins:

You’ve permanently lost my support – and my respect.

For some time, I fell for your “I’m a moderate” self-label (and then there was your support for Sessions, Tillerson and Zinke). Periodically, you have acted as a seeming leader and potentially a statesperson – but that behavior has been far too infrequent and shallow. At times, I’ve supported your halting courage to resist rampant political insanity.

But now, despite significant power to stop the “travesty” (as per Sen. Angus King) of this embarrassment of a destructive tax “reform” bill, you have caved with the rest of the corrupt and dysfunctional Republican Party and notably helped to ensure the success of the United Oligarchy of America.

Democracy – if it ever really existed in this country – is all but gone (at least on the federal level), as is decency, concern for the common good and any form of truly representative government.

I am very disappointed, and frankly quite angry, with you selling out the American people (and it appears, yourself).

I look forward to your future removal as an alleged representative of and for the people – the very same people who continue to identify, in massive and growing numbers, their opposition to this political charade and immoral action.

Bob Klotz South Portland

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