2018-01-26 / Community

Cape to fix drainage

By Michael Kelley
Staff Writer

CAPE ELIZABETH – For years, residents on Beverly Terrace, a short horse-shoe shaped street off State Avenue near the South Portland line, have dealt with drainage issues on their street. Last summer, the town hired Sebago Technics, an engineering firm in South Portland to look into the issue, thought to be due to a partial failure of a drain several homes on the road are connected to, and present a recommendation, with cost estimates, as to how to solve it.

In a letter to Beverly Terrace residents, Public Works Director Bob Malley wrote “Sebago Technics has made good progress and we feel it is an appropriate time to share our information and proposals with you.”

Malley told the Sentry, the issue is some of the homes are tied into a failing common cellar drain system, something that is not connected to the town’s sewer system. The drain system, Malley said, is more than 75 years old, having been installed in the 1940s. The neighborhood was developed as housing for workers of the South Portland shipyards.

“Residents have had to direct their sump pumps to the middle of the road. In the winter time it freezes and in the summer sometimes there is standing water,” Malley said.

After talking about the issue with Town Manager Matt Sturgis, Malley said he knew “it was something we needed to deal with.”

The solution could include new piping and two or three catch basins, something the neighborhood lacks, although before plans are finalized Malley wants to get feedback from those who live on the street.

“Normally when we do work like this, we meet with the residents and have what we call a neighborhood meeting where people can look at plans and hear our potential solutions,” Malley said.

The meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 7 in council chambers at town hall.

Funding for improvements will come from the public works budget because, as Malley said, aside from helping the homeowners there, the town “is getting some storm water improvements out of it.”

Whatever the final solution, Malley said “it will be nice to get some sort of resolution” to the issue.

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