2018-03-02 / Community

Cape students to preview one-act play

The Cape Elizabeth High School Theatre will stage a production of “The tragedy and triumph of Smike: A friendship wrought from misery,” in advance of its participation in the Maine Regional Drama Festival.

The story, created from material in Charles Dickens’s “Nicolas Nickleby,” was adapted by Maine playwright Aynne Ames. Published in the 1840s, “Nickelby” is largely credited for the closing of many schools that were little more than workhouses for exploited children. In the novel’s wake, child labor laws were enacted to protect orphans and children of the poor.

More than 30 students will take part in all aspects of the one-act play. Three showings for the community will take place, on Tuesday, March 6, Wednesday, March 7 and Thursday, March 8, all starting at 7 p.m. Tickets at $5 and will be available at the door

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