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City’s joint plan is no plan at all

To the editor:

First of all, I have a huge problem with the city of South Portland even having a sustainability coordinator. Why? To tell us to not use plastic bags? To do a climate study out to 100 years when the weather can barely be predicted a month from now? By the way, my husband deals with the environment at work on a daily basis. Guess what? The studies are all available online for absolutely no money.

Now the city has, as Sentry reporter Duke Harrington put it, “hatched” a plan. Ms. (Julie) Rosenbach (Russian history and social justice degrees) is going to spend $125,000 to do studies and plan for things that are not commercially viable yet. Not only that, the board of 12 people has already been stacked. As she said in the Sentry report, they “..will all be pulling in the same direction.” So obviously dissenting opinions and any scientific proof that may show her and Portland’s coordinator wrong will not be allowed. No alternative direction will be even looked at. Why?

That closes any honest debate off completely.

That seems intellectually dishonest. Politically dishonest as well.

This “hatched” plan is a waste of the tax money that we work hard for and had no say about. We also had no say in who is going to be on this board. As the ones paying for it, we should be choosing them.

In the meantime, taxes are going up again because the city and school have spending problems, not income problems. People on retirement income are going to be stretched. Why not use that money that seems to be sitting around for some tax relief for elderly people instead of this?

But no. Guessing what’s going to happen on a planet that is hurtling through space and whose sun is a violent gas ball that no one can control and that affects our climate more than anything besides volcanoes is more important. More feel good actions that will amount to nothing but putting more restrictions on lifestyle choices of private citizens and will be a waste of money and time.

I have some questions. Who is going to pay for all of us to convert our home heating systems? Who will pay to buy us all electric cars that we can plug in but are actually using fossil fuels from power plants that send electricity to the power grid? The article does say her plan is to wean the public off fossil fuels. That seems like she means to make us all change our lives to her liking. Yup. Just like the Paris Accord.

They will say there is a 97 percent consensus of scientists. Do some research. That figure was pulled out of thin air. There are in fact many scientists who disagree with man caused climate change. Read the “Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change.” Read some of the writings of the founder of the Weather Channel. Yes. Climate does change. It has throughout history. There have been ice ages and warmer ages in our earth’s history. This will do nothing to help.

Kandi-Lee Hoy South Portland

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