2018-04-27 / Letters

Want to save the planet?

To the editor:

By the time this letter is published, Earth Day will have passed. But there is one activity that supports Earth Day every day of the year. It isn’t short showers or changing light bulbs. It isn’t using more efficient appliances or buying an electric car. It’s easier than many of those steps and has a greater effect on our environment in a positive way. Sound good so far?

The action that I have in mind does not involve any government activity nor does it require corporate investments. It will have an immediate effect on reducing the greenhouse gases that are a leading cause of climate change that we are all aware of. And it has side effects, all of which are positive. The most prominent side effect is better health and a chance for a longer life. Sound interesting?

The best step that each of us can take to reduce the threat of climate change is to reduce, or better yet, eliminate our eating of animal products such as meat and dairy. Hard to believe, I know, but more greenhouse gases result from the larger animal industries than from all forms of transportation, including all of our cars, trucks, planes and trains. There is an awful lot of animal waste that is produced and a tremendous amount of water consumption by animals, which we don’t need in a time of drought in certain parts of the country.

So if you want to do your part along with millions of other people who have gone the meat-free way of life, please do what you can to save the planet from climate change by considering giving up meat and switching to an all plant lifestyle. The Earth will thank you.

Len Frenkel South Portland

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