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Church, Scouts celebrate 100 years

Peoples Methodist Episcopal Church of Ferry Village began sponsoring Boy Scout Troop 3 of the South Portland District and received a charter on May 6, 1918 and with the help of present troop leaders, will close out the first 100 years of sponsorship with a celebration.

Those who were part of Troop 23’s life in the past, or are presently a member, are invited to help thank the church and troop for their dedication to the Scouting program and the youth of their community. Please join the Scouting community for an afternoon of celebration and thanks at 2 p.m. Sunday, May 6 in Ellis Hall at Peoples United Methodist Church, 310 Broadway, South Portland.

RSVP by email Troop23SoPo@gmail.com, or leave a message at 400-7785.

Troop 3 became troop 20, then, finally, in 1929, the unit number became 23 and a member of the Pine Tree District, which incorporated more towns and cities. This is perhaps a major reason for the designated number change.

There was a break in sponsorship by Peoples UMC during World War II, from 1943 to 1948, most likely due to the fact that adult males were committed to the war effort. The other factor in the break was that the church was in the process of moving from the village to a new church building on Broadway in South Portland.

Since 1948, Troop 23 has continued to operate and hundreds of young men have had the opportunity to experience both Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts through the troop and cub pack.

As Peoples UMC has continued to be the primary sponsor of these Scout organizations the Scouting community is humbled by the dedication of both

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