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In the Know

PERMITS – The town received 112 applications for 32 spaces on the Great Pond boat-storage racks for the 2018 season.

Permits for the 32 available slots were awarded by lottery after a drawing on March 15 at the Assessing/Codes/Planning office at Cape Elizabeth Town Hall. Applicants were notified by email of the lottery results.

Next year’s lottery will be advertised on the town’s website some time in February 2019.

Those who did not win a slot are welcome to bring their boats to the pond for day use.

REMEMBER – Memorial Day 2018 will be observed in Cape Elizabeth with the traditional parade and memorial ceremonies on Monday, May 28.

The 2018 Memorial Day Parade Grand Marshal is Robert C. Crane, a U.S. Army Air Force B-17 pilot during World War II.

Veterans of previous wars, as well as active duty personnel, are invited to march. Anyone who has a family member serving in the armed services is asked to notify event organizer Jim Huebener, 767-1754, or jhuebener56@gmail.com, so they can be recognized.

The parade begins at 9 a.m. Parade participants are asked to gather at the intersection of Fowler and Ocean House roads at 8:15 a.m. The parade route begins at that intersection, continues north on Ocean House Road, turns west onto Scott Dyer Road and ends at the War Veteran’s Memorial. A brief ceremony and laying of the wreath will be held at the monument.

The parade will include members of the Cape Elizabeth police, fire and rescue departments, the water extrication team, Lions Club, Rotary Club, middle school marching band, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.

Following the ceremony, residents and guests are invited to an open house at Town Center Fire Station.

The event will be canceled only in the event of rain. The cancellation will be announced on this website by 7 a.m. May 28. No alternate location has been set.

COMPOST – The town of Cape Elizabeth announced that residents will soon be able to bring food waste to the recycling center for composting.

Composting reduces solid waste disposal costs. The town currently pays $70.50 per ton of waste sent to ecomaine. Food waste composting is $50 per ton, and recycling is free.

Aside from the monetary benefits to the town, composting diverts landfill ash and produces sustainable biofuel power as well as organic farm fertilizer in Maine.

Deposit compostable material in the orange-lined bins in front of the blue singlesort compactors beginning May 1. Collect household food waste (see list below) in a lidded container and empty it into the green collection bins with bright orange liners, located in front of the blue recycling containers.

Compostable items include: fruits and vegetables, rinds, peels and cores, coffee grounds and filters, tea bags, bread and baked goods, pasta, rice and grains, dairy products, eggshells, meat and fish scraps and bones, paper napkins, cups and plates and cut flowers.

Items that cannot be composted include: plastic, metal, wax coated packaging, Styrofoam, tin foil, condiment packets, bulky wood, leather, hygiene products, newspaper, magazines and junk mail.

– Information compiled from the town of Cape Elizabeth website.

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