2018-05-04 / Letters

Candidate is generous with time, has our vote

To the editor:

My husband and I will be supporting the candidacy of Richard Rottkov for state representative, and encourage friends and neighbors to do so as well. Mr. Rottkov, who we did not formerly know, approached us to request $5 donations to support his Maine Clean Elections campaign. We were happy to do so as we are strongly in favor of this method of campaign financing. When he stopped by to pick up our checks he was most generous with his time, willing to sit with us to discuss his positions on issues important to himself and to us. We spoke about health care, the environment, renewable energy, job creation, gun control, and healing Maine’s urban/rural divide our values were in sync, and where views on specific policies differed we found him to be thoughtful and reflective. We were also favorably impressed by his prior record of civic engagement. It is our belief the Mr. Rottkov would represent our area with a high degree of competence and integrity.

We encourage all resudebts to get to the polls to vote in the June primaries, and to join us in supporting Mr. Rottkov for state representative.

Ann and Robert Morrill South Portland

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