2018-05-04 / Letters

Candidate’s background prepared him for office

To the editor:

I’m urging all South Portland and Cape Elizabeth District 32 Democrats to vote for Richard Rottkov on June 12. Richard has proven his commitment to our community and shown his range of interests. He has served on boards and committees and done volunteer work for booster clubs, environmental groups, political organizations and the city of South Portland.

Richard Rottkov is a fair and open minded individual. He will consider every issue carefully and free of the political biases that are currently shaping legislation in Augusta and nationally. He is a man of great common sense, an excellent listener and communicator. As a former journalist and current educator, Richard Rottkov can look at issues from many angles and can express his thoughts so that people on both sides of the political aisle can hear and respect him.

Please vote on June 12 and please vote for Richard Rottkov for state representative District 32.

David Brenner Cape Elizabeth

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