2018-05-04 / Letters

Councilor supports candidate

To the editor:

Chris Kessler is running for the state Legislature as a Democrat, seeking the District 32 seat to be vacated by Scott Hamann.

Chris is a married man with two young children. He seeks to give a voice to young people who struggle with issues like paying college loans, finding an affordable and safe place to live and raise children, maintaining health insurance, solving the dilemma of a second income versus the cost of child care, and relying on public transportation to avoid a second car. As a father, Chris is concerned about the environment, which will envelop his children through their years and into future generations. Chris, with his family, walks the walk of these issues every day of his life. He seeks to have a voice of political advocacy. Most recently Chris has worked on South Portland’s Affordable Housing Committee. He served on the Energy and Recycling Committee and volunteered for the land trust as well as helping work on Pope Preserve. His is a voice worth heeding.

Susan Henderson, city councilor South Portland

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