2018-05-04 / Letters

Letter writer switched parties

To the editor:

After 46 years as an Independent, I registered as a Democrat to support Christopher Kessler in the Democratic primary. I met Christopher as my energy auditor last summer and found him to be informative without being pushy. He demonstrated his knowledge with a passion. Renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy independence are what Chris stands for. My conversations with him have shown me that he will be a champion for the environment, the needs of all people with housing, food insecurity and access to health care.

My grandchildren are growing up in a time where I want Christopher to be their voice in the Maine State Legislature. I urge all South Portland and Cape Elizabeth District 32 Democrats to vote for Christopher Kessler with me on June 12. Be on the look out for Chris knocking on doors to hear the concerns of the people in District 32.

Pat Flaherty South Portland

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