2018-05-25 / Letters

Candidate dedicated to party

To the editor:

The voters of District 32 in South Portland and Cape Elizabeth have an opportunity to send an enthusiastic advocate for sound policies to Augusta.

I have known Richard Rottkov as a colleague for many years at South Portland High School. In several classes together, we have engaged students in discussing local and global issues. I have appreciated Richard’s ability to communicate to students the power and value of the state government’s contribution to our community as well as the limitations of government in our lives.

His work on the South Portland Land Trust demonstrates his understanding that empowered residents can do much for themselves, but his commitment to Democratic Party principles shows that he grasps the importance of the state government’s role in South Portland and Cape Elizabeth. Richard’s years of experience in community matters and his inclination to moderate, reasoned discourse will inform his work in Augusta well. I am excited for the leadership that Richard Rottkov will bring to the 129th Maine Legislature.

Tom Major Portland

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