2018-06-01 / Letters

Candidate recognizes needs

To the editor:

I am writing to enthusiastically endorse the candidacy of Anne Carney. Anne’s platform includes areas we can all get behind: education, the economy, the environment and health care. Her inclusive approach and a style more focused on listening than talking will bring the transparent and thoughtful leadership our state deserves.

Cape continues to provide the best public education for our K-12 students in Maine. However, the cost to provide this necessary service continues to grow and with increasing cuts in state support this valuable asset is endangered. Anne will work to restore educational assistance from the state.

Although the economy has improved, Maine has lagged behind the rest of New England and parts of Maine are still struggling. Anne has plans to expand that recovery to more of the state with improved broadband services, an enhanced regional transportation network and development of sustainable industries.

As a physician I know our health care system is challenged and no more so than our inability to bring effective solutions to the opioid crisis. I know I can count on Anne to champion practical solutions to this problem and support quality healthcare for all our citizens.

The importance of a healthy environment should be apparent to all of us. Our economy depends on it and our children and grandchildren deserve nothing less. Anne’s leadership in environmental advocacy is unquestioned. Her tenure as chairman of Cape Elizabeth Land Trust demonstrates her effectiveness.

Please join me in voting for Anne in the June 12 Primary.

Tony Owens, MD Cape Elizabeth

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