2018-06-01 / Letters

Councilor supports candidate

To the editor:

It is my pleasure to write a letter supporting Democrat Richard Rottkov for District 32 for Senate.

I think we all want a clean environment and a clean and safe ocean for our sea critters and earth that will grow healthy vegetables. Richard wants these things, too. He has held office in the land trust, sits on the Trails Committee of South Portland, and is always available to talk or help you when needed. This kind of history speaks volumes about Richard Rottkov. I know him to be honest and not a procrastinator. He commits. He is never afraid to get his hands dirty cleaning up trash in our parks or making our streams healthier. He gets things done and he cares about the people who live in our community of South Portland as well as Cape Elizabeth.

I am asking you to not waste your vote at this Primary. Let’s work together and give Richard who is always willing to speak with you a chance to make things better in Augusta. Make him the Democratic representative for District 32.

Maxine Beecher, councilor at large South Portland

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