2018-06-08 / Letters

Rep edorses

To the editor:

I am writing in support of candidate Richard Rottkov for state legislator in District 32, South Portland/Cape Elizabeth.

During my first term in the Legislature I realized that I could get along and get more done by working with both parties. Richard Rottkov is someone who communicates and networks effectively with people. Rather than cow-tow to party politics, I see him as a consensus builder who will get what’s needed done according to what’s best for his constituents in District 32.

He listens, keeps up-to-speed on all important issues and has the capacity to understand and strategize to craft effective solutions. This is just what is needed to keep our state government moving forward in the right direction.

I have known Richard for many years and am wholly impressed with his ability to drive initiatives to successful conclusion. Whether it be as a sports booster parent, an environmental activist or an engaged citizen, Richard has not only accepted and acted in leadership roles with all the expected duties therein, but tenaciously raised money, wrote grants, built trails, canvassed for candidates, etc.

Our community has benefited for over 15 years from his broad skill set, his tireless commitment in support of community organizations and projects and his keen understanding of the political process. I do not hesitate to back Richard Rottkov for District 32.

Please cast your vote for Richard in the June 12 Democratic Primary.

Rep. Kevin J. Battle District 33, South Portland

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