2018-06-08 / Letters

Vote for change

To the editor:

I am writing in support of Chris Kessler for the Democratic nomination in House District 32.  As a lifelong Dem I am overjoyed to see two great candidates running for this spot. In this race we see the classic choice between a candidate who represents the status quo and a candidate who is a natural leader who works for change. The question is what kind of legislator do you want?

Chris Kessler is a natural leader.  He is not working solely in the background.  He speaks out against injustice.  He has passion and enthusiasm which motivates others to follow him. He understands personally how hard it is to raise a family with crippling student loans and a lack of affordable housing.  He did not wait for someone else to do something;  he created a tenants association which lobbied our city council to create South Portland's Housing Security Ordinance. He does not just talk about helping our environment;  his job has involved doing energy audits to save energy and help against climate change. 

I have also known Chris personally as a friend. I have seen how Chris is as a person as well as a community leader. He is a thoughtful, caring supportive friend, husband and father. His passion to do the right thing is grounded in integrity. He is able to balance his personal duties and his community ones with great support from his wife Jessie who shares his passion for change. 

Chris is the type of candidate us Dems have been waiting for.  

Join me in voting for Chris Kessler for legislator in District 32.

Cathy Chapman

South Portland

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