2018-06-08 / Letters

Wife has inside view

To the editor:

I am writing to advocate for my husband of 22 years, Richard Rottkov, who is running for District 32’s state legislative seat. As his wife, of course I would be supporting him, but I would be behind him even if that were not the case. Here’s why.

As his wife, I have the insider’s view of his character, his unique and broad skill set, and the efforts he has made over the past 16 years to bring good things to our community. First and foremost, he is a dedicated family man who supports me as a true partner – taking care of our boys and our home when my job regularly required travel; sharing the duties of running a home; supporting our active children in sports, music and educational needs; modeling civic responsibility with his work in our city and county political groups; taking an active stand on environmental issues.

A distinguishing characteristic of Richard’s engagement across all aspects of his life is ownership. He is “the man in the arena,” the one who is doing the work, the one who executes, the one who others call upon and count on to get the job done. And most importantly, he is the man who answers the call.

For example, as president of South Portland Land Trust and a board member since 2003, he has been chairman of committees, wrote grants and press releases for the local papers, led the successful Earth Day clean up each year, helped with plant sales by obtaining donations from many area businesses, and obtained the funding, helped design and even bushwhacked new trails such as the Clarks Pond Trail and Long Creek Trail. These are just a subset of activities he has performed, and he has done the same for the other groups he has engaged with whether sports boosters, political campaigns, or public service initiatives

I am deeply proud of my husband and so grateful to him for the example he sets for our children and for our community. I ask you to cast your vote for Richard in the June 12 Democratic Primary.

Ellen Clancy South Portland

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