2018-07-27 / Letters

Money buys signatures?

To the editor:

Another petition? I’m no longer amazed at what money can buy. On a local level, the investor class has bought up multiple sweet little houses in residential neighborhoods. In many cases turning them into three story eyesores, crowding neighbors and then making them into minihotels in residential neighborhoods, making scads of money for themselves. And now these same investors have hired 20 people to gather signatures from unsuspecting South Portland residents in order to protect their money making businesses, not your property rights. And to force long-time residents to accept commercial businesses as fake neighbors. See what money can buy?

I’m one of those long time residents. I bought my house more than 20 years ago. I bought in a residential neighborhood because that’s what I wanted. However, I now have a lucrative commercial business across the street. The owners of this business have never spoken one word to me, even after their paying guest parked in my yard, in a sacred space. Not one word.

As my wonderful neighbors have said before, if you want a mini-hotel next door to you, sign the petition. No matter what they tell you, this petition is about protecting the rights of the investor class to ruin long established residential neighborhoods, keeping these mini-hotels open for business, even protected, unless disorderly. Each step delays the closure of these mini-hotels and investors have access to endless money, so this could go on forever if enough citizens are duped by petitioners.

Residents have made significant compromises to individual neighbors who need or choose to supplement their income by renting out space in their primary residence. Our city council has stood up admirably to the bullying and, dare I say, lies. Please stand with neighbors for neighborhoods and do not sign this petition.

Louise Tate South Portland

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