2018-09-07 / Letters

Reader supports PETA effort

To the editor:

It’s silly of PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, to propose a memorial to the thousands of lobsters who died when a truck that they were in crashed on Route 1.

The 7,000 pounds of lobsters all died. But PETA has a point, nevertheless, that this is a cruel industry that takes live animals out of their homes and subjects them to being killed by dropping into boiling water. Lobsters, like most animals, have a nervous system, so that they feel pain and do suffer when confined and then killed.

Much as I appreciate the desire to indulge in eating their dead flesh, I don’t like the idea of killing them for a few minutes of pleasure. Not a fair balance of values. So I support PETA’s motivation to attempt to bring this calamitous incident to the attention of the public.

Len Frenkel South Portland

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