2018-11-02 / Community

Harlem Superstars return to SoPo

The Harlem Superstars will perform at 6:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 9 at South Portland High School. The team visited South Portland High School in the spring 2017 are returning for a second game against local celebrities including realtor April Cohen, newscaster Lee Goldberg, Mahoney Middle School Assistant Principal Mitch Ouellet, South Portland Athletic Director Todd Livingston, South Portland Assistant Athletic Director Sam Cloutier, and WJBQ 97.9 Morning Show hosts Lori Voornas and Lou Lockwood.

The Harlem Superstars are a group of comedy basketball players that travel the nation to entertain families and all individuals who simply enjoy the game of basketball. The group takes pride in their work, bringing in numerous basketball fans who simply want to spend the evening laughing and having a good time, accompanied with watching some of their favorite local celebrities on the court. You can find more information on the Harlem Superstars online, as well as on their Facebook page.

The Harlem Superstars are hosted by the South Portland High School class of 2019, which will use revenue brought in from ticket sales to fund school sanctioned events such as Prom and Project Graduation. Purchase tickets online at sphs2019.webs.com.

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