2018-11-09 / Letters

Thank you for the kindness, support

To the editor:

Over the past few weeks we have encountered an enormous amount of support in these difficult times. We are so grateful for everyone being there for us and the sympathy everyone has shown toward our family. We are extremely thankful for the community’s recognition of Jacob and the kind of person he was. Teachers, coaches, neighbors, friends and extended family each made a positive influence on Jacob’s life. We would also like to thank Adam and Caitlin Walker and the Conroy-Tully Walker staff, Holy Cross Church and the South Portland Police Department; you all contributed to make Jacob’s service exceptional.

Throughout this difficult and unexpected tragedy, we have realized it is a loss not just to our family but to many of you in the community. We are extremely appreciative of the support system behind us during this time. Thank you very much.

Jim, Theresa and Joe Brown South Portland

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