2018-11-30 / Letters

It’s about time

To the editor:

It has finally become front page news in the Portland Press Herald. It is an accounting of the U.S. government’s report about the dire threats from climate change. The article spells out the present impacts from increased warming and the very scary impacts that are predicted for our future. This is on top of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report a few weeks ago with the same fearful predictions. Both reports, written by esteemed climate scientists, tell us that our attitudes and behaviors over the years are responsible for the increased warming of oceans and atmosphere. If we caused it, then we must fix it. Meaning, taking emergency actions that will prevent the worst from taking place.

If this is an emergency, as indicated in both reports, then the actions must also be extreme and require major sacrifices from everyone in the industrialized nations. We must think of this as World War III, an effort to save all living things on our planet. It is almost too late. Since governments aren’t doing much to attend to this worldwide problem that hasn’t been seen ever before, it falls on you and me and everyone else to attempt the almost impossible. Our actions over the years are what led to this dire situation, so we must take the actions to stop it. So many of our actions require energy, produced by burning fossil fuels, so we must reduce the need for energy. We must eliminate some of our activities. Here are just a few of what we all must do to accomplish that goal: stop all unnecessary travel, especially long distances; stop all unnecessary buying of things, whether for oneself or as gifts for others; stop eating all animals. Taking these steps gives us the best hope of survival of our children and grandchildren.

Len Frenkel South Portland

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