2018-11-30 / Letters

Vote for local businessman

To the editor:

Don “Cookie” Cook of 93 New York Ave. has decided to run in the upcoming special election to replace Adrian Dowling as city councilor in District 5.

My first question is, who is Don Cook? Don Cook is a semi-retired, self-employed small businessman. Don owns and runs a redemption center on the corner of New York Avenue and Main Street. Don bought his store in 1977 at the age of 26. The store has changed names and function over the years. Rolando’s Variety and Cookie’s Variety have been the names from 1977 to 1999. Don served on the Lottery Advisory Council for 12 years and is a leader in the function and operation of the plastic bottle recycling operation. He teaches newcomers the ins and outs of the operation.

My second question is, what does Don bring to the table? Don is a businessman who knows what it takes to meet a payroll and deal with regulation and taxes. Being a businessman means knowing how to handle revenue and expenses to make a profit in our capitalist society. The city council needs a businessman who understands budgets and knows where to cut. We have an ever changing city as our taxpayers and infrastructure are getting older. A new middle school and an outdated city hall are a couple items of concern in the near future, as well as, encouraging new business to come to South Portland.

Don was raised in the Red Bank area of South Portland, graduated from South Portland High School in 1970 and attended classes at the University of Southern Maine. Don has owned and run his store since 1977 and for the past 30 years Don has cooked for the Preble Street Resource Center. Experience means more that education in our city. Let’s elect a proven leader to work in our city council to become the city we all can be proud of.

Michael R. Pock South Portland

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